[T] Tainan National University of the Arts
66,Daci Village ,Guantian District,Tainan City,72045 Taiwan .(R.O.C.)

Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA) is a professional art university built on the core values of  "nourishing life with the arts, caring for the community, and benefiting of all mankind. The three major educational concepts of the school are  "being locally and globally minded",  "keeping with tradition while fostering innovation", and  "pursuing creativity and real-world application" which build an aesthetic sensibilities education, inspire creativity, and integrate art into our lives in a superior learning environment. TNNUA enables students to blossom into ambitious, disciplined, compassionate, and highly skillful professionals in a variety of areas pertaining to culture and the arts.

TNNUA is making effort through the General Education, Professional Department of formal education, the hidden curriculum and interdisciplinary activities, combined with the apprenticeship, studio, independent research and teamwork and all kinds of teaching style, to create nourish life and dreams into reality for our school campus culture. The school’s preparation on development directions are  "offering art education with equal emphasis on local culture and a global perspective", "fostering artists capable of preserving tradition while introducing innovation",  "delving into the essence of creativity-infused applied arts", and  "building an arts-oriented cluster that connects TNNUA with its community”. Based on these four strategies, TNNUA reconnects the wisdom and beauty of cultural heritage to modern thinking by tackling art projects inspired by history, culture, and everyday life. The school let the faculties’ creations, research, and educational efforts to show the caring for life, and serving for the society. As the light of art illuminate our lives, TNNUA believes it will fulfill the vision of growing into a professional art school that cultivates expertise and ethics in students.